Monday, 25 April 2011


Went to the Titanic today and it was very interesting a lot of the furniture and fixings were very grand even though they may not be the style we wanted.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


Our group have been given specific things to concentration on and mine and Fionas are the fire place and the doors. For the fireplace I have build a corner unit that is hollow to simulate the stove the Russians had at the time while Fiona has devoted her time to thinking about the tiles. For the Easter holidays it will be my job to paint and sand all 60 tiles ready for work after Easter.

In greater detail the corner unit consists of two pieces of large 6mm MDF that has be braced with an inside L brace as well as two L Braces for the floor and three normal 45degree angled braces up the middle.

Flats Again

Unfortunaly the flats we built were not quite the sizes we wanted them due to the fact that the pine wood bows in uncontrollable ways owing to the fact that its natural. I recommended that we try to force the pine to fit the ply wood as the plywood is straight but the group decided to save time that we should router the edge off the plywood off so that it fit the frames. We have also started to paint the lower 3ft of our flats as a base for our pannaling. We are using a mahogany wood colour and we are using painted woodgrain as we feel the rubber woodgrainers would not look right.

Some members of the group have also stated working on furniture such as the What not and the Desk chair.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


The tiles fireplace are now sanded into a tile shape but Henry says we should have used a saw at 45 degree angles they now need to be varnished and painted.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


this week Henry showed us how to make our first flats. The design is quite simple, strong and easy to replicate making it perfect for us to try. You start by cutting your pine wood in to 2 - 8ft hight lengths and 5 - 4ft wide widths.(the widths actuality have to be 4ft minus the width of 2 bits of wood so your flat when constructed equals 4ft as a whole) You build the flats until they resemble a ladder and then you have to skin them as the skin makes the flat more stable. The skin is already cut into 8ft by 4ft so the frame fits well underneath. To fix the skin you have to glue the skin onto the flat so that when you pin it together the skin doesn't move away.


Now that we have our new floor plan we can work out how many flats we need to fit the new sized rooms. The rooms are now 8ft by 12ft and 16ft by 16 ft.

To complete this we need theses required flats. 17 - 4 x 8'

1 - 3' x 8'

7 - 2' x 8'

1 - 31/2' x 8'

1 - 11/2' x 8'


3 - 3' x 3'


2 - 4' x 11/2'

Floor Plans

After the autocad we constructed a miniature version of our set to see
if we needed to tweek anything. My desk came out well and I was pleased with its size and shape. The rooms looked good although we had to change some furniture to fit with the sizes of the rooms.

We then had a meeting with Andy and Simon to discuss their opinions of our rooms. After much discussions we decided to loose the heater from the study and some small furniture, the screen was initially taken away now remained as I feel that a lack of idea communication may have occurred, this leading to the fact that Andy and Simon did not understand that the screen had become corrupt through death influence.