Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Image 1:

I am not sure where this writeing desk is from but I do know it is late 19th Century. I love the black area in the middle as I feel it shows some class and sophistication. The desing is very ornate and complex but I feel its a wonderful example of craftmanship.

Image 2:

This desk is from america and is a very simple desing for the time allowing for the fact that america was a very new country and had only started getting on its feet. I wanted to show this as it gives me a reprisentation of the 'other end of the market' for the time of Ivans death and although this desk is not russian it may have come from or been based upon a desing from england allowing that the trade routs would have also brought international desings to russia.

Image 3:

This desk is perfect for what I am looking at as I want to add cubby holes to Ivans desk. I also like the style of desk as it hints to my first pictue with the ornate work surface but it also simple in desing like my second picture.

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