Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fireplace, Curtains, London and Paint

I feel that my fireplace is coming along very well Fiona and I have finally base coated the tiles and Fiona has started to work on her exquisite Dutch imitated patterns that the Russians were quite fond of at the time. The tiles are white and blue and have specific patterns on them. The fireplace itself has finally got a top and bottom that have been routed to look nice. I have also painted the base white so that it blends with the tiles.

Four of us also went on a trip into London on Henrys suggestion so we can buy some cheap material for the curtains. After much haggling and cheekiness we managed to get the curtains for £130 which was the cheapest we could find in the area. I feel annoyed as others in our group don't seem to be happy with the fact that we spent £130 for curtains but I feel we relay tried and as henry said if we want to be serious we have to go to these places.

On a cheeryer noat the paint has gone up and I love the green.

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