Monday, 2 May 2011

The Rooms

Today we finally erected our rooms. We started with a corner in the study and tried to work our way out from there. Unfortunately we hit a hitch when we noticed that somewhere along the line we had miscalculated and made one flat to little. This became a big problem for us as we couldn't complete too much of the room until the flat was made. After the flat was made we hit another problem when we noticed that the floor was not level making our flats wobble and our walls rise. We fixed this by putting a door jam under one side and making the flats level.

While this was going on we needed to construct braces to go around the walls and stop them from swaying and wobbling. These were made by screwing two bits of pine wood together to form and L shape this is then added to the back of the flats. the large room needed two sets of braces while the smaller room needed just one.

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